Women’s dresses

It is clear that in our imagination and our desire we can fit more dresses than in our wardrobe. But don't worry, because you'll find them all here. Tight mini dresses, flowy floral dresses, shirt dresses, knitted, romantic, midi length, with ruffles, sophisticated dresses for a date, hippie dresses for sunsets on the beach, elegant dresses to go to the office or appropriate for a wedding. 

Few garments in the collective fashion imagination are as romantic, as feminine and as fashionable as a dress. On the catwalk, in the movies or in social networks and fashion magazines we have seen the birth of such iconic dresses that continue to float in our memory even though seasons go by and trends change. But how do we find the ideal dress for our everyday life? If you are often tormented by the famous "what should I wear" or you want to know how to get the most out of this wonderful women's fashion garment, keep reading because we are going to try to give you the keys to find the dress that best suits you according to your body type, how to adapt it to each occasion and, of course, how to adapt it to your style.

It's time to put an end to some myths, such as that long dresses don't suit short people. The secret lies in making the right choice. If you are 1.60 metres tall, you don't have to resign yourself to wearing only mini dresses: a long dress with a slit in the skirt or simply a long dress, perhaps asymmetrical with a belt, will help to slim and elongate your figure. Other fashion tips you should know are that if you want to conceal your bust, wrap dresses or dresses with a V-neck or even halter neckline will help you to tuck it in, but if you want to enhance your breasts, opt for strapless, balconette or asymmetrical necklines. Would you like to lift your curves? Stretch, gathered, pleated and ribbed dresses are for you. If you prefer to make them more subtle, choose flared options, straight and plunging shapes or draped proposals.

Historically, dress codes have established that for evening events we should wear long dresses, while for daytime events (cocktail type) short dresses are the winning option. And our advice is to measure the formality of the event you are attending to adjust your styling to the protocol. If you want to stick to it, choose a long, flowing and elegant dress for the evening; and a short dress, above the knees and in bright colours if your date is during the day. But since the real fun of fashion is adapting it to your style, don't hesitate to choose a sophisticated LBD (Little black dress) with asymmetric details, ruffles or similar details for an evening event or choose a shirt dress or a long knitted dress for daytime if the occasion allows it.


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