Women’s shirts

Historically, the shirt has been a sign of distinction and power, of class. In its most classic format, the shirt has adorned the most prominent professions. The poplin shirt, with its own collar, cuffs, and identity, is an originally masculine garment that the female wardrobe has ended up appropriating to give it other lives. So much so that its construction inspires new versions of this classic garment, blouses that weave a new idea of chic and femininity, of elegance and sexiness.

Shirts with never-before-seen asymmetrical necklines, suggestive cuts and cut-outs, create new silhouettes and serve to uncover an entire stylistic universe that, above all, maintains that sophisticated character of the original garment.

These new shapes give a more relaxed character to a classic element that is renewed to rise as one of the most personality-filled garments in women's fashion.

Are you wondering how to combine a shirt? Do you want to know which style of shirt goes with you? What is the most flattering type of shirt? 

The shirt is for everyone and for everything. 
The shirt not only pairs with blazers and dress pants
The shirt is the perfect garment for a casual, urban, and streetwear look; it can be worn to go out partying, adds an interesting touch to a jogger, and breaks away from the officewear stereotype to top the most current looks. 

Forget everything you knew about the shirt, because its new version is strong, has rhythm, and draws unexpected silhouettes, eye-catching colors, and gathers, volumes, openings, and cuts that we didn't see coming.


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