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Discover the fashion trends of the last week at Stradivarius.if there is one thing that characterises the autumn winter 2024 season, it is its eclecticism. The collections are focused on you and all your moods and the style is carried by flag, whatever the style. The 2024 fashion trends go beyond the clothes; it's not just new clothes, it's a new way of facing a changing and unexpected world that tells us that everything is yet to be explored. The latest trends are inspired by what's going on around you and adapt to your new rhythms of life. Check back here every week to find new trends, 2024 outfits inspiration for women and discover what version of yourself you want to be today. New Stradivarius collection. In this section you will find all the new clothes that have been added to the new Stradivarius collection in the last week. We warn you: with Stradivarius new season clothes you will have a crush. The most casual garments are perfectly combined with fabrics and accessories full of magic and charm in equal parts. The styles are fused away from any archetype or norm and invite you to dance as if no one was watching. Stradivarius dresses from our new collection are one of the most sought-after garments for winter outfits in 2024. It will be because they can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Key trends 2024-2025. No one and no trend has to tell you how to dress. Even so, we always like to put at the top those garments that we find interesting and innovative and that are the perfect candidates to accompany us all season long.2024 looks for women are different from other years because they can be easily adapted to your personal style, so don't be afraid if you wear the same garment to a birthday party or an event with your beasts. Baggy trousers, for example, give your outfit a twist by combining them with a crop top or sweatshirt. And if you still want to give it a cooler look, try one day with a pair of track boots and another day with a pair of trainers. And if there is one thing we can confirm as a fashion trend in 2024, it is the return of the mini skirt, which this season dares to go up a few more centimetres, or the puffer jacket above the hip. However, other garments have experimented with maximalism by opting for XXL silhouettes, such as dress trousers or joggers.

Trendy colours 2024
. This autumn winter's on-trend colours will help you elevate your look or relax it depending on how you want to express yourself every day. This season vibrant colours stand out above the rest; on one side of the trend you'll find bold, metallic and even neon tones that will make even the most basic garment shine. At the other end of the spectrum, neutrals and the full range of browns will bring out your natural side.


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