Women’s trousers

Women's pants in every fit you can imagine. From the tightest leggings to the most comfortable wide-leg women's pants. At Stradivarius, you'll find all kinds of pants to feel good about your image every day of the week. 

Between us, there are days when comfort is paramount above all else, but that doesn't mean we want to sacrifice style. Our selection of elastic waistband pants for women come in both fitted silhouettes, like our stretch pants or women's leggings, and more relaxed versions, like our jogger pants or, one of the most elegant comfortable pants options, the culottes. Women's denim leggings, also known as jeggings, are presented as the most comfortable alternative to skinny jeans and work just as well with your denim looks. 

And if you want to be up-to-date, one of the star trends this season is undoubtedly corduroy pants which, moreover, are making a strong comeback in their flared version this year. Opt for this design and create comfortable and fashionable looks with zero effort. The long-awaited return of bell-bottom pants. Both lovers and haters of this trend finally agree on something: the flare pants are more versatile than ever this season. Truth be told, the flared pants are the garment of resistance as it remains, even if in the back of the wardrobe, waiting for a triumphant return every autumn-winter season. 

The most casual version of our collection is found in the flare leggings, which are presented in a range of printed women's pants, among which animal prints stand out. Elephant leg pants are the most faithful interpretation of this seventies silhouette, starting the leg width from mid-thigh. If you want to pay homage to the golden age of rock and psychedelia by introducing romantic elements, do not hesitate to combine a pair of bell-bottom jeans with a crochet crop top. The women's shorts that work best in autumn-winter. We know you love them, so don't give them up when temperatures drop. 

Our collection of women's shorts not only comes in warmer materials and fits more suitable for this time of year, but we also give you ideas to create your best looks this season. Starting with a classic from the most urban stylings with grunge and punk touches, the women's denim shorts over semi-opaque black tights and boots or sneakers is a winning styling for any day of the week. Just like the black shorts; in leather effect fabric, denim or suede, a black shorts look for winter allows as many combinations as you're willing to experiment with this garment. Combine it with tights or high boots and an oversized sweatshirt or sweater and set the trend. If you prefer to create a look with a more retro style, opt for our selection of women's bermuda shorts, slightly longer and in denim and twilled fabrics. 

Elevate your bermuda look this winter by adding a heel and a blazer, valid as an office look or as a semi-formal styling for any event where you want to give a trendy but professional appearance. Urban women's looks to conquer the city. Find your ripped pants of the season in our collection of women's jeans. Ripped jeans were a symbol of rebellion during the 70s, with the arrival of punk rock, but nowadays they stand as one of the most accepted trends by almost any style. All thanks to their different models, silhouettes, and degrees of fabric wear. Stradivarius's wide-leg jeans for women also form an interesting tribe within urban looks.


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