Cardigans and jackets

Women’s cardigans and jackets

From jackets to blazer-style coats, Stradivarius women's jackets come in as many versions as you do. Because you don't wake up every day with the same mood, your jacket shouldn't be the same either. Yes, we know. 

One of the garments that constantly makes its way in and out of your wardrobe is the biker jacket; a piece that self-proclaims itself as the favorite transitional jacket year after year for both girls and boys. Logical, few garments are as versatile as this one, accepting everything from loose and urban silhouettes, like the oversized denim jacket, to more fitted and cropped styles. That's why this season we haven't forgotten to include the warmest version of this must-have in our collection: the shearling-lined denim jacket. With its soft and furry interior, no cold weather can resist it.

 A denim jacket, regardless of the style, will never let you down. That's a fact. Just like women's knit jackets, which can serve as an extra layer for those days when the chill catches you off guard or as a cool pseudo-sweater, subtly revealing a lace bralette (then don't say we didn't give you ideas ;). On the sportier side, the women's anorak is the best friend of those who feel the chill the most. Mind you, just because it's sporty doesn't mean you can only wear it to the gym. Stradivarius' women's anoraks and jackets are so beautiful and versatile that you can create HI-LO looks with more sophisticated pieces. 

Our collection is full of styling ideas for you to get inspired. Go ahead and take a look. Feathers, padding, or shearling? Not everyone feels the cold the same way, which is why our collection of women's winter jackets is as extensive as the degrees a thermometer can drop. Okay, maybe we don't have jackets for a trip to the North Pole, we won't deceive you. But speaking of traveling, did you know that a lightweight down jacket is the best? It's comfortable, equally warm, takes up very little space, and doesn't feel heavy at all. If you're someone who likes to move freely without being bothered by clothes, you'll love the women's down vest above all else. The romance continues with a design that exudes folk vibes through the sleeves, collar, and zipper, but above all, through its interior. We're talking about the women's shearling jacket, a style that transcends trends and adapts to them without succumbing. 

This is the case of the aviator or shearling jacket, with a leather exterior and shearling interior, paying homage to the vintage pilot jacket. We're sure that if you rummage through your parents' closets, you'll find one from the '80s, but just in case they weren't cautious and got rid of it without consulting you, here you'll find that aviator jacket and many more women's coats for this fall-winter. Transitional and winter jackets for everyday wear. 

We need our wardrobe to make life easier, not complicate it, right? That's why it's always better to have a versatile and stylish collection of women's jackets on hand that looks good with any outfit, even when dressing in the dark.


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