Tops and bodysuits

Women’s tops and bodysuits

Your Wardrobe Essentials Whether it's a midweek meetup or a festive celebration, these versatile pieces are wardrobe staples that always come in handy. No matter how packed your schedule is, having fail-safe basics in your closet is a lifesaver. 
Tops are the ultimate essentials, offering a range of silhouettes and necklines to suit any occasion. They serve as perfect canvases for experimenting with accessories and layering. 

Make a statement with our party tops designed to make you shine. Pair them with oversized trousers for a trendy contrast, and customize your look with sneakers or heels to match your vibe. Bodysuits are perfect for creating balanced and harmonious outfits, allowing you to focus attention on your bottom pieces. Opt for a classic black body for timeless elegance, or explore trendy designs that are dominating the season. 

The scarf top is a must-have, blending vintage and western trends effortlessly. Experiment with asymmetrical styles and let your creativity shine. Discover the perfect basic top at Stradivarius, versatile enough to complement any ensemble. Pair it with high-waisted trousers and an open overshirt for a chic look, inspired by the latest TikTok trends. Add a subtle twist to minimalist pieces with crossed tops featuring intricate back straps. Complete your ensemble with a mini skirt, cropped jacket, and boots for a stylish edge. 

For special occasions, dazzle in sequined or embellished tops that catch the light beautifully. Satin tops offer a sophisticated '90s-inspired look, while lace tops exude elegance and can be dressed up or down effortlessly. 
Embrace animal prints for a bold statement, or opt for textured fabrics like crochet, knit, or lace for romantic vibes. Black lace tops add a touch of allure to any outfit, perfect for evening soirées. 

Elevate your nighttime look with elegant off-shoulder tops or open-back styles. Bodysuits are versatile options for various occasions, from weddings to romantic evenings, offering endless possibilities to express your style. Transition effortlessly from sports to sporty chic with ribbed tops and sports bodysuits, embracing the '90s trend with a modern twist. Pair them with joggers, chunky-soled boots, and a blazer for an unexpectedly cool look. 

Discover the endless possibilities and express yourself through fashion.


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